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Create or continue to build your vision of success.  The items listed below are only a brief list of services I offer.  

Band Clinician: Concert Band & Marching Band

Push yourself, your staff, and your students to the next level with on-campus classroom and after school clinics.  Some areas to address include but are not limited to the following. 

Level of Pedagogy:  Grade Levels 6 - 12

  1. Full band rehearsals

  2. Split rehearsals (woodwind or brass)

  3. Beginner, intermediate, or advanced ensemble concepts customized to your program and projected level of achievement.

  4. Resolve a wide variety of ensemble issues  

  • Balance / blend

  • Timing / rhythm 

  • Maximizing melodic and harmonic clarity

  • Articulation

  • Solo or ensemble phrasing

  • Chord structure

  • Plus many more! 

Consulting:  J.H. and H.S.

Let's meet behind the scenes.  There are numerous ways to streamline processes and increase efficiency for greater success of your organization.  A few examples might include the following.  

  1. Marketing & Building your program 

  2. Strategize processes to increase staff efficiency 

  3. Staff communication and planning 

  4. Parent communication 

  5. Administration issues 

  6. Office time management

  7. Rehearsal strategies 

  8. Rehearsal time management 

  9. Vertical Alignment 

  10. Junior High / High School instrumentation planning (charting how many students you should start in 6th grade so you have an approximate number by high school)

  11. Stress management 

  12. Delegation of tasks

  13. Program handbooks (band handbook) 

  14. Booster clubs 

  15. Motivating your group 

  16. Public speaking

  17. Director teaching strategies (I watch you teach and provide feedback about you or your staff)

  18. Spring Trip Consultant (I have a vast quantity of sample documents and itineraries).  If I don't have one, I can create it for you.  Since I have taken trips with up to 250 people at one time, using three airplanes to a destination and back, I am able to travel with your group and make sure everything runs smoothly and you are less stressed.  

  19. Student Leadership Training (through the PBSL-USA platform)

  20. Staff Development at the campus level or district level ( platform & materials)

..and much more!  

Marching Band Program Consulting 

After judging and helping others several years, I have the ability to identify potential liabilities in your marching show that could be avoided in the design phase, rehearsal phase, and performance phase.  Let's work together to help set your program up for  success before music or drill is even handed out.  I can also help enhance certain aspects of your show once it is taught and is performed.  All of this reduces band director and student frustration and helps to fully maximize the concept of the show and the overall experience for all performances.  

**Tip to Consider: Marching Season success begins with Concert Season success! 95% of directors wait until the marching season to start implementing new ideas and concepts. Be in the top 5% of programs and let's start early on your path to marching band success during concert season! Click "Get Started" below.

The following is included in my package price.  

  1. General show consulting, pre planning, and strategy sessions (TMEA, campus, phone call, etc).

  2. Unlimited scheduled phone conferences during planning phase and competitive season.

  3. Bi-monthly video performance reviews in writing for suggested show edits (music, drill, staging, aesthetics, etc).

  4. One full day (up to 8 hours) of clinics and consulting on your campus during classes and after school.  

  5. During "off periods", I am happy to help with anything listed in the Consulting section above!  

  6. Judge Commentary Review (so you fully understand what judges are commenting on to improve your show).  This is also to help you prioritize what changes to make after each contest to meet your goals. 

Region Band Clinician

If you are looking for a knowledgeable clinician that will provide your students with rehearsal strategies and techniques, while inspiring them to ​maximize their love of music, I am happy to serve!

Students and directors that have benefited from my services include the following. 

  1. TMEA Region 9, Region Band Clinician & Conductor

  2. TMEA Region 10, Region Band Clinician & Conductor

  3. TMEA Region 13, Region Band Clinician & Conductor

  4. TMEA ATSSB Region 27, Region Band Clinician & Conductor


I can meet your needs for all judging requirements. Some past assignments include the following. 

  1. 2018 Texas UIL State Marching Band Championship Judge 

  2. Texas UIL Region Marching Band Contest Judge

  3. Local Marching Band Contest Judge (including Pre-UIL Judging)

  4. UIL Concert & Sight-Reading Judge 

  5. Various Pre-UIL Concert & Sight-reading Judge

  6. TMEA Area Honor Band Judge 

  7. TMEA Region Honor Band Judge 

  8. Solo & Ensemble Judge

  9. Concerto Competition Judge 

Student Leadership Workshops

Contact me to learn more! 

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